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WEG Series Liquid Line Filter Drier with Sight Glass



The WEG series liquid line filter drier/sight glass combination is a liquid line filter drier with a sight glass brazed directly to the outlet side of the filter drier. The filter drier is designed with 3A molecular sieve desiccant for excellent moisture adsorption with CFC,HCFC and HFC refrigerants. The filter media will remove small particles down to 10 microns in size from the refrigerant to help prevent plugging orifices and tubes .The pre-assembled combination reduces the amount of field brazing required, saving both time and reducing the potential for leaks. This sight glass allows the technician to see the refrigerant in its’ current state, helping to identify poorly charged systems with poor airflow across the condenser coil or systems, with unusual pressure drop causing the refrigerant to “flash” and produce bubbles in the liquid line . The sight glass has a built-in moisture indicator which provides visual color change from green to yellow in response to the moisture content of the refrigerant, indicating the serve of change need.
The WEG filter drier/ sight glass combination is available in flare or solder, inch or mm sizes, making it possible to meet a wide variety of system requirements.Other connection styles are available on special request.
1.Filter drier and sight glass with moisture indicator in one compact, easy-to-install unit
2.Less expensive than purchasing both units separately
3.Little installing time –fewer connections
4.Fewer connections reduce the opportunity for leaks
5.Compacted gasket, spring loaded design
6.Excellent moisture removal capacity
7.Low pressure drop
8..Filtration down to 10 microns
9.Large wrench flats on flare fittings
10.Maximum working pressure:4.70Mpa/680psig

Type CONNECTIONS(IN) VOLUME(CU.IN) Dimensions (Millimeters) (IN)
WEG-052   1/4 5 5.8   2.5
WEG-053   3/8 5 6.18  
WEG-053s 3/8   5 5.92 4.54
WEG-082   1/4 8 6.55  
WEG-083   3/8 8 6.93  
WEG-083s 3/8   8 6.66 5.29
WEG-084   1/2 8 7.08  
WEG-084s 1/2   8 6.73 5.29
WEG-162   1/4 16 7.53  
WEG-163   3/8 16 7.91  
WEG-163s 3/8   16 7.65 6.27
WEG-164   1/2 16 8.06  
WEG-164s 1/2   16 7.71 6.27
WEG-165   5/8 16 8.31  
WEG-165s 5/8   16 8.04 6.27
WEG-303   3/8 30 10.47  
WEG-304   1/2 30 10.62  
WEG-304s 1/2   30 10.27 8.83
WEG-305s 5/8   30 10.6 8.83
WEG-307s 7/8   30 11.13 8.83